Your Journey Towards Home Is Your Home

Sep 11, 2022

We often think the point of being a human is to establish a self that is free from suffering, that is free from the outcome of pursuing happiness, love, success, fame, money…

For instance, a lot of my friends are obsessed with attaining financial freedom. Nothing wrong with that, but their vision is that of them being on a beach, sipping cocktails, enjoying a very early retirement.

The point of being human is not to travel to a place where everything is perfect. Instead, it is to understand that your struggle to establish a human self is inseparable from the self it creates.

In other words, your journey towards home is, in fact, your home.

Let me give you an example. I don't work out every single day, against the resistance posed by my genetics, in order to look a certain way. If I did, I'd stop the moment I'd obtain the physique I desired. Instead, I work out every single day for a few moments of intense pleasure (feeling the energy in your body, being able to lift heavy stuff, more focus, etc.)

What I do and who I become are interlaced with one another, so much so that they become inseparable. You cannot become the kind of person who has a six-pack without being willing to do the work.

We often like to believe every feeling or experience that isn’t positive is just another problem to be fixed. If we try, we can talk and negotiate our way out of ever experiencing them again.

We believe we can cure ourselves of the negative emotions we attach to certain experiences because, to a degree, it’s true. And we know it’s true because we’ve done it every once in a while. But we are not meant to spend our lives discovering all that is wrong with us in order to fix it.

Sometimes, what we perceive as obstacles in the path of becoming our most wonderful selves is what truly makes us wonderful. And that’s exactly what being a human being is supposed to look like.

We imagine mental strength as a way to brainwash ourselves into a state where negative effects don’t produce negative emotions. In reality, mental strength is the ability to feel fully and freely, and to know that our emotions don’t become our destiny. Being mentally strong is not the idea that we might will our way into perfection, but rather the desire to accept that we are inseparable from our struggles, that the sum total of our negative experiences, traits, and emotions act as motivation and inspiration to aspire for more.

It’s always the children the world almost breaks who will do their best to save it.

People often confuse the journey towards becoming their best selves as the process of letting go of the stress, the frustration, or the heartbreak of what it means to be a vulnerable human. It’s not that.
Your voice will always shake when it speaks the truth it’d much rather hide. You will always be afraid before taking a leap of faith. It’s our nature, and working to fix who we are in order to reach what we perceive as perfection will only ensure that our true nature resurfaces in more hideous ways than before.

Our journey through life is not meant to take us to a place where nothing ever bothers us anymore. Such a place might exist, if you’re willing to shield yourself from all the positive experiences as well. If you do nothing, say nothing, and think nothing, then you are no longer human. You’ve become a robot.

To be human means to be vulnerable, to be human means to accept that the imperfect parts of ourselves are an integral part of who we are.

If we get rid of our demons, we’ll lose our angels too.

If you are an ambitious person, you have probably spent your life believing that you can hustle your way towards a certain mountain top where everything becomes effortless. Your very own Mount Olympus, populated with people who are so successful they don’t need anyone else but themselves.

Such a place does not exist.

Your struggle is who you are. Your journey through life, the treacherous path, the perilous odyssey, that’s who you are. After all, if you forgot about the pain of hell, you’d never appreciate heaven. If you forget your struggle, your success becomes the ultimate failure, for it no longer fulfills you.

No matter what you do or who you are, please know this:

Your journey through life, your pursuit of happiness, is your happiness. The destination doesn’t matter.

Two dates and a dash. That’s all we are. And if we don’t enjoy what happens in between those two dates, with the good, the bad, and the ugly, nothing else we do will matter.

There will always be failure. There will always be obstacles. There will always be doubt. There will be haters, naysayers, and critics. There will be countless frustrations to overcome as you go about your day to day life.

Some days you will love what you see in the mirror, some days you will hate it.

There will be days when you will feel like the hero of your own story, and days when you will feel as if you are the villain.

It all depends on the day.

We can only ever experience the magic of dawn if we are willing to go through a dark night.

“There will be moments of frustration, moments of pain, moments of disappointment when you give your all only to get nothing but heartbreak and suffering in return. And all of that allows you to know yourself. Without the critics, the failures, the obstacles, you can never know yourself. You cannot even establish a human self.

You won’t remember the darkness of the night, but how brightly the stars shine against the void.

To be human means to fall in love with those stars so much that the darkness of the night no longer scares you.

For everything we hate in life, there is so much more we can love or learn to love.

To succeed, we must fail. To feel beautiful, we must embrace our flaws and imperfections. To learn, we must admit that we know nothing. To progress, we must be willing to step outside our comfort zone.

We are not meant to reach heaven, but rather create it, right here, right now, within our own hearts, and fight to make it so every single day of our lives.

To be human means to accept that our struggle to reach our home is, in fact, our home. Our struggle is our success. Our suffering is our happiness. 

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