P.U.S.H. by Cristian Mihai

P.U.S.H. by Cristian Mihai

Hosted by: Cristian Mihai

Motivation, inspiration, success. A podcast about the importance of resilience and perseverance.

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Shiny Object Syndrome

Episode #7

We often fail to be productive because we are chasing an illusion.
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To Love or Not to Love What You Do?

Episode #6

Today's topic: You're not supposed to love what you do. Or the other way around. Actually, you're supposed to do a bit more than that. Pleasure is fickle, inconsistent, and never, ever leads to success. Meaning, on...
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Self-Help Addiction

Episode #5

Today's topic: self-help addiction. Just like any other habit that promises us an escape from who we are, a lot of people are using the self-help industry in order to develop a layer around their true selves that...
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Why Am I Struggling?

Episode #4

People often struggle in life because the fail to do this one thing, to take care of this one aspect of their mindset.
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A Matter of When

Episode #3

If you need to develop the inner fortitude to become perseverant enough to become successful, you must change this one thing about your mindset.
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Little By Little

Episode #2

Little by little, a little becomes a lot.
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What If I Fall?

Episode #1

Today's topic: it's not failure that breaks us, but our fear of failure, how to best cope with the inner critic, how to bridge the gap between the quality of the content you consume and the one you produce, what does...
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